The garment factory,  Ali Enterprises in Baldia Town was caught up in fire on Tuesday evening, September 12, 2012. The investigation is still going on but reasons leading to the conflagration remain unknown. However, about 300 casualties have been reported so far, including women and children. The death toll is revising up with ever passing minute.

Rescuers are still operating to search for the dead and injured trapped inside. The windows of the factory were barred so the survivors stuck inside had no way out. As the fire engulfed the workers had little time to escape from the only exit. Many jumped out of the building and suffered broken bones and worse. According to the sources the building can collapse anytime as the blaze is still smoldering up and. The relatives of the victims have taken matters in their own hands and have started a search on their own risking their lives which is also causing a hurdle in the search operation.

Many bodies found are beyond recognition as the building was stocked with combustible chemicals and the bodies are entirely burnt. Karachi Fire Chief Ehtesham Salim said: “We found people who died because of suffocation caused by the highly toxic smoke. They died first and then their bodies were burned by the raging fire.”

The sample DNAs have been collected but many identifications have not been ascertained. The morgues have been reported to be out of space to accommodate the dead.

The Chief Justice of Sindh High Court has taken suo motu notice.

, Interior Minister Rehman Malik directed IG Sindh to investigate the incident and include the name of factory’s owner in the Exit Control List (ECL).

The fire has raised fingers on the Pakistan’s Industrial safety. Critics say the government is ineffective to overcome any issues that rise up in the country